Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bigfoot and Nessie and Yeti, oh my!
Tulsa World (blog)
My brother and I got in line at the Annex 3 at Southroads, driven to witness what the commercials screamed was "actual footage of "Bigfoot," "the abominable snowman" and "the Loch Ness monster," aka Nessie. I couldn't help but think of this experience ...
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Canada gives permission to Rick Dyer to Hunt & Murder Bigfoot. Save Bigfoot!
Mr. Rick Dyer has reported through a YouTube video that he's been granted permission by the Canadian government to hunt for Bigfoot in Canada and, if successful, then bring the body back to the United States. After seeing the video, I'm convinced he's ...

A sighting unseen
Leominster Champion
Ron LeBlanc Jr., Bill Penning and his wife, Julie re-visit Leominster State Forest where they discovered a massive footprint, which led them to be on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series. Who would ever have imagined that an innocent hike in ...

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