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Sasquatch: A lecture by Cryptozoologist Jeff Meldrum

UVU Review - Nathan Evans - 2 days ago
When Sasquatch is discussed, it's Dr. Meldrum's name that starts circulating. After graduating with a bachelor's in zoology from Brigham Young University,

Taxidermist Says Bigfoot Is Giant Indian Gone Wild .

Milwaukee Journal

Bigfoot Scares Bus Passengers .

Ottawa Citizen - May 16, 1977
The smell has been a common element in the re ports from numerous people who claim to have been close to the Sas quatch, also known as Bigfoot. ...
Canadians Sight Beast; Could It Be...Milwaukee Journal
Angered Bus Driver Chases After Bigfoot...Observer-Reporter
Driver, Riders Sight Bigfoot .Bangor Daily News
Tuscaloosa News - News And Courier

Bigfoot Has The Indians Armed, Fearful .

St. Petersburg Times - Nov 29, 1977
LITTLE EAGLE, SD — Indians in this remote hamlet on the Standing Rock Reservation are so convinced that Bigfoot is roaming nearby that some are carrying ...
Big Foot Scaring Indians Away .Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Bigfoot Reported On Reservation .Milwaukee Sentinel
Indians Convinced Bigfoot Is Nearby .Herald-Journal
Daily Union - Spokesman-Review

Man Says He Invented Bigfoot, But Researcher Doesn't...

Evening Independent - Apr 13, 1982
A confession from a retired logger who said he perpetrated a Bigfoot hoax by stamping giant footprints in the snow has only fueled a belief that the ...
Pie Bigfoot .Fake Fake .Bangor Daily News
—people In The News- .Logger Says Big...Bangor Daily News
Bigfoot Called Big Bunk .Evening News
Spokesman-Review - Free Lance-Star

Local News | Is That A Fastener On Bigfoot In Film? |... - Jan 11, 1999
By John M. Hubbell The AP BOTHELL - For true believers, the existence of Bigfoot was long ago confirmed by a single minute of jerky, grainy film footage ...
Gine Collier ..Stepping In Bigfoot Brouh...Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Famed Bigfoot Film Shows Costumed Man,...Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2 Bigfoot Buffs Say Film Shot In 1967...Deseret News

Bigfoot Character 'fits' Perm Hills' Kevin Hall .

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jun 5, 1987
He plays the very hairy Harry, the gigantic, superstrong Bigfoot whose sweet nature endears him to John Lithgow and Melinda Dillon's middle-class family. ...
… - FILM: 'HARRY,' THE STORY OF A...New York Times
A Cute Bigfoot, Summering in the SuburbsNewsday (Pay-Per-View)
Lithgow's ego is tougher than a BigfootProvidence Journal (Pay-Per-View)
Washington Post - Miami Herald

Animal Tracker To Check Bigfoot Le .

Eugene Register-Guard - Jan 14, 1974
WASHINGTON - Bigfoot has been around a lot longer than flying saucers, but the evidence is similarly inconclusive . as to whether . creature leaving, ...
Expert Tracker Looks For Proof Of Bigfoo...Times Daily
Legendary, Manlike Beast ..Evidence Of...Press-Courier
Bigfoot .160-year-old Phenomenon Or A...Evening Independent

Is this Bigfoot ... or is it a bear with bad skin? | Mail...

Daily Mail - Oct 30, 2007
But its mysterious appearance has prompted a storm of speculation - and prompted many Bigfoot believers to grab their cameras and head for the woods. ...
Is It Bigfoot? Hunter's Photos Ignite...Fox News
Is this really a photo of Bigfoot? |
… hunter's images stir debate
WJAC Johnstown - Wikinews

Scientist Is Following Giant Steps Of Bigfoot .

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Nov 19, 1975
River town of the Dalles, scientist Peter Byrne logged another report of a sighting of the legendary Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as the Indians called t it .vv . ...
The Northwest's Creature Is Known As...Palm Beach Post
She Erases Prints To Save Bigfoot .Milwaukee Sentinel
Western Hunters Know Tales About Bigfoot...Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Hinese Scientists Hot On Trail If Bigfoot, Yeti Or Whatever...

Miami News - Jan 7, 1980
Bigfoot? Probably not, but just possibly, according to Zhou Guoxing. 40-year-old anthropologist with the Peking Museum of Natural History. i After several ...
Chinese Scientists Hot On Trail Of...Miami News
Chinese Scientists Hot On Trail If...Miami News

  1. Big Foot's Photo Released .

    Ellensburg Daily Record - May 24, 1973
    By CARRICK LEAVITT SAN FRANCISCO ( - Is it Bigfoot or some guy "in a baggy gorilla suit? The elusive Bigfoot, legendary ape-man of the Pacific Northwest, ...
    Watchout Bigfoot, Here Comes Sensor .Ludington Daily News
    California's Bigfoot Photographed .Middlesboro Daily News
    Infrared Device To Hunt Bigfoot .Spokane Daily Chronicle
    Boca Raton News - The Sun
  2. Bigfoot Expert Says Attorney Bought Chimp .

    Miami News - Jan 5, 1976
    An expert on the northwest's legendary "Bigfoot" monster says the New York lawyer who paid 10000 for what he said may be a baby Bigfoot probably bought a ...
    Bigfoot Baby Has Monster Pricetag .Lewiston Morning Tribune
  3. Bigfoot was a prankster's carve-up Family admits hoaxer...

    Herald Scotland - Dec 7, 2002
    THE man behind the legend of Bigfoot has died - and his family has finally admitted that the huge, hairy ape-like creature whose reputation terrified even ...
    Bigfoot backers mourning / But they...San Francisco Chronicle
    Family stamps out Bigfoot legend -...The Age
    Family Says Father Was Bigfoot .Deseret News - Bigfoot conference in Texas draws hundreds

USA Today - Oct 16, 2005
Outlandish theories about the origin of Bigfoot abound, including that it might be an extraterrestrial. Many believe that a towering, ape-like creature ...
Bigfoot Believers Hold Conference - CBS...CBS News
Bigfoot Believers Make Their Case At...Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
… , The : THEY'RE ON THE HEELS OF BIGFOO...Charlotte Observer ($2.95)

3 Hunters Stake Out Bigfoot .

Miami News - Sep 25, 1979
A trio of hunters will stake out a farm by night this weekend, trying to bag a Bigfoot. have to end this mystery and the only way this will be done is to ...
Hunters Will Try To Bag Bigfoot .Leader-Post
3 Plan To Hunt Bigfoot .Tri City Herald
Three Michigan Hunters Plan Stake-out...Ocala Star-Banner

Oregon May Protect Bigfoot .

Deseret News - Jun 9, 1977
A committee of the Oregon Legislature has voted to seek protection for the legendary bigfoot. A resolution was seni to the House floor declaring the ...
Bigfoot Resolution Approved .Eugene Register-Guard
Oregon To Protect Bigfoot .Telegraph-Herald
Were No Arrests. Don't Harm Bigfoot .Reading Eagle

  1. Bigfoot Reportedly Seen In Oregon .From .Win Reportedly .

    Palm Beach Post - Oct 25, 1983
    A Nevada motorcyclist told state police hesp spotted a 7-foot creature resembling the elusive Bigfoot while riding along an Interstate highway in the rain. ...
    Cyclist Believes He Sighted Bigfoot On...Sarasota Herald-Tribune
    Sighting Of Bigfoot Reported In Orego .Spokesman-Review
    Cyclist Thinks He Saw Bigfoot On Oregon...Bangor Daily News
  2. Whether Real Or Not China's Bigfoot Is A Protected Species .

    Montreal Gazette - Mar 3, 1984
    PEKING - China has set up a nature preserve for bigfoot"-type which re searchers believe exist in the central mountains, a Chinese science journal says. ...
  3. Bigfoot Seen Striding Forth At Nevada Test Site .

    Miami News - Jan 22, 1980
    ... man-like creature in the Pacific Northwest, where it has been named Similar reports of a bigfoot have been made in Northern California. ...
    Bigfoot In The Desert? .Deseret News
    Bigfoot Said In Desert .Leader-Post
    Creature Like Bigfoot Reported In In...Observer-Reporter

Our Times .Professor To Hunt For Bigfoot By Air .

Milwaukee Sentinel - Feb 23, 1988
An anthropology professor plans to take to the air this summer to hunt for Sasquatch, the legendary apelike creature also known as Bigfoot that some believe ...

Elusive Bigfoot Is America's Loch Ness Monster

Youngstown Vindicator - Jan 28, 1979
Pursuing Bigfoot, the ape -like creature sup posedly haunting the Northwest, would seem a large enough task. But its hunters sometimes appear equally as de ...
Believing In Bigfoot: It's No Hoax .Lawrence Journal-World
Hunt Goes On .Stalwart Believers Stand...Modesto Bee
Bigfoot Pursued In Pacific Northwest .Evening News

Russians Report Bigfoot Cousin .

Milwaukee Journal - Feb 4, 1978
Los Angeles Times Service Moscow, USSR — Yeti, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, and Bigfoot, of the American Northwest, may have a cousin in the ...
Government Ready For Bigfoot .Fort Scott Tribune
Agency Is Ready If Bigfoot Caught .Waycross Journal-Herald
All In Readiness For Bigfoot Capture .The Phoenix

Idaho Professor On Trail Of Bigfoot .Lure Of Legend Is Too...

Deseret News - May 24, 1999
BOISE — For most people in the Northwest, Bigfoot — or Sasquatch — is a mythical figure, the stuff of hair-raising tales around the campfire. ...

Town Takes Aim At Those Taking Aim At Bigfoot .

Deseret News - Jun 14, 1991
Killing Bigfoot or people dressed as the putative apelike creature would be a felony under a proposal expected to be approved by the Whatcom County Council. ...

  1. Nessie Gets The Play But Bigfoot Rings True .

    Miami News - Jul 1, 1976
    He operates the modest Bigfoot Information Center here in The Dalles, a small town in the heart of Bigfoot country, and he describes himself as the "only ...
    Mystery Of Bigfoot Still Battles Many .Leader-Post
    Bigfoot Sighting Prompts Search .Tri City Herald
  2. Baffling Bigfoot Unites Believers | The Moscow Times...

    Moscow Times - Oct 23, 1997
    The meeting was an attempt by believers in relict hominoid, or yeti -- also known as the abominable snowman, bigfoot or Sasquatch -- to convince a skeptical ...
  3. Bigfoot Is On The Loose Again .

    Modesto Bee - Feb 18, 1971
    ... off of Highland Drive. claims he has been tracking Bigfoot for two years, said the creature walked a 1 1 around Harvey Hall's grocery store last week, ...

Bigfoot Still Has Lots Of Believers

Spokane Daily Chronicle - Mar 12, 1972
On the track of Bigfoot he carries a tranquilizer dart gun with knockout drops tested on ani mals and people. He got a job setting up a 50.000-acre tiger ...
Spokane Dalit Chronicle. Monday. March...Spokane Daily Chronicle

Chinese Investigator .Dies Seeking Bigfoot .

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Jan 28, 1996
Beijing A Chinese inves— has died while searching for bigfoot in a remote area of northern China, the official Xinhua News Agency has reported. ...

Lizard Man A 'skunk Ape Bigfoot Researcher Claims .

Rock Hill Herald - Jul 27, 1988
You're dealing with a skunk ape, which is a colloquial name. You can call it anything you want to, but it's a said Erik Beckjord, who has researched ...
Bigfoot, Not Lizard Man, Made Tracks,...The Bulletin
Erik Beckjord, Bigfoot Expert .Herald-Journal

Search Planned For Bigfoot-like Beast

Star-News - Mar 29, 1992
... up for a summer expedition to track the or Snowman of the Caucasus, a huge, hairy beast with glowing red eyes, the hominoid cousin of Yeti and Big Foot. ...

Evidence Of Sasquatch, Like Ufo, Inconclusive .

Spokane Daily Chronicle - Jan 14, 1974
foot has been around a lot longer than flying saucers, but the evidence h similarly in . creature leaving those huge footprints in the Pacific North- . ...
Bigfoot .160-year-old Phenomenon Or A...Evening Independent
Animal Tracker To Check Bigfoot Le .Eugene Register-Guard
Evidence Of .Sasquatch, .Inconclusive .Spokane Daily Chronicle
Times Daily - Press-Courier

Sasquatch Rumors Rekindled .

Ocala Star-Banner - May 17, 1977
Exactly what it was no one can say, but the sighting rekindled visions of the legendary Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The sighting on Sunday along Highway 7, ...
Sasquatch Sighting Lures Hundreds .Eugene Register-Guard
Sasquatch Attraction .Leader-Post
Bigfoot Scares Bus Passengers .Ottawa Citizen
Milwaukee Journal

Sasquatch Print? .

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Feb 18, 1971
It's said this is the print of a Sasquatch, an elusive creature said to weigh 500 pounds and lurk about the mountains of Pacific Northwest and other parts ...
Sasquatch Is Top Attraction For...The Bulletin
Hunters Study Prints Possibly Made By...Lewiston Morning Tribune
Elusive 'Creature' HuntedChicago Tribune (Pay-Per-View)

Bc Sasquatch-seekers Look For 'shot' Monster .

Montreal Gazette - May 7, 1979
The high school student said he had no doubt that what he saw was a sasquatch. couldn't have been any other animal and it wasn'ta human, because no human ...
Sasquatch Footprint Found .Calgary Herald
Sasquatch Sighting Draws Dozens .Calgary Herald
Sasquatch Hunters Overrun Farm .Calgary Herald
Tuscaloosa News - Free Lance-Star

The Trail Of The Sasquatch .

Ottawa Citizen - Apr 4, 1950
Suspect is unarmed but immensely strong; caution should be exercised in approaching the Sasquatch, often to be found digging for succulent roots or ...
The Sasquatch .Ottawa Citizen
The Trail Of .Is It Fact, Or Just...Ottawa Citizen

Sasquatch Hunter In Moscow .

The Sun - Dec 20, 1971
... been willing to declare that they believe the beast to be most of his lime and money in trying to track down the snowman, called Sasquatch in Canada. ...

Press .'ress Unimpressed Ress Unimpressed By Sasquatch .Film...

Calgary Herald - Oct 27, 1967
... it ran away chasing the Sasquatch legend and he tracked it for "two for about eight years, in Cal- three miles" before its track and in the mountains ...
Sasquatch Animal? Film Doesn't Convince...Windsor Star
Sasquatch Sighted? ..Yakima Pair Claim...Spokane Daily Chronicle
Giant Films Raise .Doubts .Modesto Bee

  1. Search For Sasquatch In Interior .

    Calgary Daily Herald - Apr 10, 1934
    The fabled Sasquatch, as described in Indian lore for hundreds of years, is about as villainous a phantom as ever frightened a little papoose anywhere, ...
    FABLED BABY-SNATCHER SOUGHTLos Angeles Times (Pay-Per-View)
  2. Juliette Is Serious About Sasquatch Hunt .

    Saskatoon Star-Phoenix - Apr 24, 1957
    MONTREAL Juliette Legare of Montreal figures British Columbia's Sasquatch won't live up to its name — which means "wild one"— if she's along when an ...
    Shapely Montreal Blonde Wants To Join...Calgary Herald
  3. Sasquatch Hunt Planned Niter Hairy Creature Seen .

    The Phoenix - Sep 2, 1969
    In Agassiz, John Green, editor-publisher of the weekly agassiz-harrison Advance, said the description leads him to think of a Sasquatch that would weigh ...

Atlas Lists Sasquatch .

Spokane Daily Chronicle - Jul 4, 1975
Sasquatch, the Northwest's legendary ape-like creature some persons believe exists, is listed in a washington Environmental Atlas" newly pub lished by the ...
Sasquatch Is Official .Anchorage Daily News

Sasquatch-like Creature Filmed By Tourist Couple

Ottawa Citizen - Oct 18, 1977
It stood erect and appeared to be a huge . call it a North American ape," he said. can call it a sasquatch or anything you like." . ...
Man Films Sasquatch .Spokesman-Review
Seattle Man Films 'sasquatch .Eugene Register-Guard

Soviet Scientists Emphatic: Sasquatch Is For Real .

Spokesman-Review - May 14, 1978
Their paper was delivered Friday at the University of British Columbia's Sasquatch conference. They said Sasquatch occupies "an intermediate po sition ...
Scientists Say Sasquatch Lives .Lewiston Morning Tribune
Bigfoot monster for real, two Soviet...Chicago Tribune (Pay-Per-View)

2 The Spokesman Thursday. January .Is. Sasquatch Hunter...

Spokesman-Review - Jan 15, 1970
John Green is a firm believer in the theory that there exists a mammoth, ape- like creature— the sasquatch— and thai it could exist within 100 miles of ...
Sasquatch Hunter Goes On .Spokesman-Review

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