Thursday, November 10, 2011

Richard Stubstad comments about Erickson Project's frustration, cites dark forces at play

The Erickson Project website taken down

Sharon Day interviews Alex Hearn, the Bigfoot guy from Arizona

The Erickson Project considering pulling out of race? And who is Matilda? [BIGFOOT RUMOR] (Updated: Website now redirects to

Listen to Dr. Jeff Meldrum on MN.B.R.T. Radio talk about the recent Yeti Expedition in Russia

Beastly Burdens: The Werewolf of Quebec Who Forted?
Ken Summers collects accounts to show the North American continent has been rife with reports of the shapeshifting creatures which sport wolflike visage since the earliest days of the colonial period. From the French-speaking residents of Quebec to the residents of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, Summers shows the legends of lupine appearances have been widespread. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern speaks with Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology about a creature included in the lore of people around the world, as noted in Chasing the Dragon. Freeman is the author of Dragons: More Than a Myth? and believes the creatures that have been mythologized throughout history may be alive today in the world's remotest wilderness areas. Elsewhere, tales of the cryptids known as the Faerie Folk appear in Dr. Beachcombing's examination of a book by Dermot Mac Manus seen in Review: The Middle Kingdom, providing accounts of the Mac Manus family's encounters with the mythic creatures in Ireland. And the Faerie Folk in Scotland appear in the lore gleaned by The Professor and recounted in ARRAN Enigma, part travelogue, part comparison of encounters between humans and faeries and humans and extraterrestrials and part recounting of the modern day claims of faerie encounters by Mary Doorly and her friend Peter.
Man or Mutant: Is Human Language the Product of Bizarre Mutation? MU
Micah Hanks adds his own musings to Noam Chomsky's cogitations about the origins of human language which may have come as a bolt from the blue. Did human language arrive in a mutation of the brain, overnight, following a cosmic ray deluge? Elsewhere, Greg Taylor introduces an informative video lecture by David Kaiser discussing his book How the Hippies Saved Physics in which he reveals how the bizarre counter-culture contributed to the equally bizarre assumptions of quantum physics. And a spate of bizarreness that has been literally floating up from time to time recently along the Pacific Northwest coastline makes the headlines once again in Another Foot Found on B.C. Shoreline. Also, one of Nature's bizarre creations makes an appearance in a time and place where it may have been least expected, according to the revelations of Dr. Beachcombing in A Rhinoceros in Eighteenth-Century London, followed up by alert and erudite readers submitting more accounts of the now endangered land leviathan in unlikely places at unexpected periods of history.

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