Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It's official: Dr. Melba Ketchum's paper is not going to be published in the science journal Nature [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Finding Bigfoot: Accounts of Bigfoot sightings at Indiana town hall meeting

Success of recent TV shows about Bigfoot breeding casual observers. Also a few words of advice to wannabe Bigfooters

Great Lakes Whale Watch Part 3 Frontiers of Zoology
Nessie and Ogopogo may have captured the hearts and minds of the public, but since the early 19th century South Bay Bessie has been begging for her share of the limelight, too. Following Monday's report from CFZ-Canada about the legendary creature in Lake Erie, affectionately nicknamed "Bessie," Dale Drinnon gives his take on this beast whose curious origins can't be denied even if the explanation turns out to be a mundane one. Another more famous lake monster is in the news today, too, but for a much different reason, as seen in Iconic Nessie Painting for Sale. There's more mysterious water creature news noted in Ted Jeory's report from London announcing a River Monster Alert from the vicinity of England's Olympic Park. What's swallowing 16-pound geese in one gulp? And Micah Hanks chimes in on continuing tales of out-of-place large felines with Lurking Lions and Phantom Panthers: The ABCs of Alien Big Cat Sightings.

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