Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Between the Lines – Sasquatch Culture: Part Two

FB/FB: The most complete collection of Bigfoot howls on the internet [VIDEO]

Is Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA project vaporware?

Who will be the losers once DNA study proves Bigfoot's existence?

Mike Rugg Bigfoot Stories: Fort Knox encounter and local man stumbled onto possible Bigfoot burial site [VIDEO]

Here are some beautiful photos from the Olympic Project [Bigfoot Research]

Bad case of Squatchophobia? Hang your tent from a tree to get a better night's sleep

A new weblog offers its first post with what the author says is indisputable evidence the famous 1967 film of a female Bigfoot recorded by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin is a hoax. According to the blogger, the proof of the alleged hoax is in the footprints. If the claim is correct, would it mean Patterson and Gimlin unwittingly recorded proof of a hoax in documenting part of the creature's pathway? Even as the new claim against the Patterson-Gimlin film are being levelled, there are those who think the evidence of Bigfoot existence is enough to speculate about the relationship between the hairy hominoids and humans, as seen in Paul Andersen's Fair Game: We're All Neanderthal. Elsewhere, Richard Freeman turns attention to one of the many lake monsters reported from around the globe, pointing to the American Southwest for The Lake Tahoe Monster. And two non-cryptid news reports are related here for their demonstration of out-of-place big cats, as seen in the Australian item Lion Spotted in the Northern Territory and the West Yorkshire, England, announcement Lion Sighting Reports Disrupt Rail Service.

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