Monday, October 24, 2011

Primates are among the most versatile species known to mankind. Tyler Stone has been piecing together his theory that there are seldom seen primates in the vein of the North American Bigfoot but vastly different in aspect, if not in size. Dale Drinnon presents Stone's latest considerations of evidence of a primate in existence in North America that could be even stranger than Bigfoot. To illustrate his hypothesis, Stone turns to a reported sighting from 1963. What in the world did two outdoorsmen encounter in the Honey Island Swamp? Elsewhere, North America's most famous cryptid hasn't been forgotten, as noted in the efforts of a popular television program to locate where a YouTube video from last year had been filmed, as reported in 'Finding Bigfoot' Begins Search in Smyth, Washington Counties of Virginia. And the search for similar giant hairy hominids produces a short report that doesn't indicate a team of spelunkers will be looking for the Chinese Wildman, also known locally as the "Yeren," but who knows what they'll encounter when Bulgarian Speleologists Research Yeti Homeland. Meanwhile, another cryptid continues to inspire stories from the Windy City, as reported by Lon Strickler in 3rd Mothman / Bat-Like Object Reported Over Chicago.

October 23 Bigfoot-hit-by-car in VA incident. Driver tells the full story.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum: Yeti footprints from Siberia are 'consistent' with fake ones

Finding Bigfoot: Matt Moneymaker camped out near Gum Hill to look for Bigfoot [VIDEO]

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