Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Australian branch of England's Centre for Fortean zoology has a large collection of videos of witness accounts of encounters with the southern continent's cryptids including this video recorded with witnesses on location in the forest outside Brisbane in Queensland. The witnesses describe an encounter with the Australian version of Bigfoot. Back in the USA, meanwhile, Beyond the Veil Paranormal Research and its sister cryptid investigating team, the Big Rhodey Project, are looking for North America's most popular cryptid in a quest described in Could Bigfoot Be Roaming Rhode Island? What proof is there the giant, hairy man-beast has managed to fit into the nation's smallest state? And what's the proof of a similar biped frequenting a particular swath of Arizona, as described in Monster Sightings? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman faced the inquisition of the nationwide participants in the Coast to Coast Chat Room Tuesday night and lived to write about it, offering a link to the transcript as part of "What Kind Of Cryptid Are You?" Also, a fish that had apparently never graced a particular Indian fish market shows its rugged beauty in the news video presented as Unknown Fish Species Found in Vijayawada Fish Market.

Incredible account of freshly killed deer with upper torso ripped off (possibly by a Bigfoot)

Mike Rugg talks about the Ohlone tribe's experiences with Bigfoot [VIDEO]

Rediscovering the famous Bigfoot attack scene at Ape Canyon, the quest to preserve a piece of history

Are Bigfoots Nocturnal? [VIDEO]

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