Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Loren Coleman describes as "the best single, multifacted piece of evidence for the classic North American Sasquatch" reaches another annual milestone tomorrow, and Coleman celebrates the event with a look at what he feels are the indications the film and the creature depicted in it are real. While Coleman enumerates key points for why he believes in the authenticity of the Bigfoot film he cited above, he offers some space for a celebrated critic of all things about the Bigfoot question with Radford's Top Ten Reasons Bigfoot's a Bust. Meanwhile, there are quite a few people who embrace Coleman's view, despite the criticisms of Benjamin Radford, and the efforts of one man, Michael Greene, who previously presented night vision camera footage he says shows Bigfoot, is headed back into the Uwharrie National Forest where his footage was captured, as reported in N.C. Bigfoot Expert to Lead Hunt. Elsewhere, a report to law enforcement officers led to a search for a monster described in Werewolf of Woodbridge? Also, there is an animal control effort underway along the I-70 corridor near Zanesville after multiple potentially dangerous exotic animals were released from their cages at an exotic animal farm, apparently by their owner who is believed to have committed suicide, as explained in the report Exotic Animal Escapees Terrorize Central Ohio.

Bigfoot hunters take note: MIT invention will let you see through walls (or trees?) [VIDEO]

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