Saturday, October 01, 2011

On the heels of the mission mounted by the Centre for Fortean Zoology and dubbed "Sumatra Expedition 2011," which sought evidence of a long-reported apelike creature in the Sumatran jungles, the Australian contingent that participated in the quest has compiled a lengthy collection of archived reports about the creature known as Orang Pendek. With this much historical smoke, can there be no fire? A quest seeking another apelike creature is also in the news today as the efforts of two nurses who trekked into North Carolina's Uwharrie Forest are revealed in Bigfoot Does Exist...Or Does He? While the effort of these two women was not fruitful, the report includes video footage of Mike Green's arguably much more successful ventures into the Uwharrie. Green has night vision images of what he believes is a Bigfoot helping itself to candy he used to bait the creature into range of his cameras. And Loren Coleman has news about his own "landmark" item from the International Cryptozoology Museum in Bigfoot to Move Soon. Elsewhere, for those not familiar with the cryptid strangeness said to swim through the lakes of the world, Matt Hickman has a brief synopsis in Nessie's Gang: 5 Celebrity Lake Monsters.

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