Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dale Drinnon and members of the Georgia Bigfoot Society online meeting place at Yahoo! begin with a discussion of the problems associated with having a nearly infinite variety of cryptids reported around the world and how believing in the possibility of Bigfoot can be affected by not believing in such creatures as river and lake monsters. Drinnon points out many lake and river monster claims can be laid at the fins of outsized catfish and throws in a comprehensive listing of lake and river monsters reported in North America. Elsewhere, a recent criticism levelled at the field of cryptozoology during the Russian Yeti conference aftermath draws a sharp rebuke from the main organizer of the Russian effort, shared by Loren Coleman in Bayanov Blasts Regal Broadside. And one of the best days ever for hominologists and cryptozoologists is commemorated in Coleman's salute as Patterson-Gimlin Footage Turns 44.

Breaking: Fearing death threat attack, Tim Fasano calls it quits, admits to creating Bigfoot Buster blog

Heartfelt story about a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist and his struggles as a Bigfoot Researcher

Finding Bigfoot caught sporting Sasqwatch Watch

Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev back from Yeti expedition, discusses Bigfoot at Michigan Magazine in Comins [Video]

Photo of the Day: Hakuna Matata for reals

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