Monday, October 17, 2011

Bigfoot: Watch your back
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BY JOSH SHAFFER - Staff Writer Michael Greene will never forget the first time he heard Bigfoot: a whoop in the dark he can only compare to the sound of King Kong screaming in your ear. Even more thrilling was the night he left a jar of Skippy outside ...
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Bigfoot Research: Demonizing Long Term Witnessess
Given that one quote, it seems that anyone who sees something strange in context of a Bigfoot sighting is, in Coleman's worldview, either hallucinating or suffering from some kind of mental illness. The Cryptomundo article addresses skeptic Eric ...

Having covered 19th century encounters with the Australian version of Bigfoot, Andrew Nicholson sifted through the archives for more modern accounts of the creature. What Nicholson shows is that the Yowie's personality ranges from bloodthirsty predator to inadvertent hitchhiker to friendly backyard visitor, based on reports from those claiming encounters. These Yowie reports range from all over the continent's eastern seaboard and don't always happen in the deep woods. While it's certain Australia's Yowie witnesses come in for some ridicule when they make their encounters known, do they face the same level of harsh criticism as Bigfoot experiencers in America? Regan Lee expresses disagreement with recent comments from some noted Bigfoot researchers responding to Michigan Bigfoot claims in Bigfoot Research: Demonizing Long Term Witnesses. Elsewhere, reporter Ker Than at the prestigious National Geographic looks with mild skepticism at a recent hypothesis formed by a husband and wife team of researchers, announcing Kraken Sea Monster Account "Bizarre and Miraculous". Meanwhile, one of the biggest moves in the mass relocation of the International Cryptozoology Museum of Portland, ME, is set for Sunday, and museum director Loren Coleman is calling for help in moving the cabinet of curiosity's iconic 500lb mascot to its new quarters, as he reveals in Big Hairy Bigfoot Move: 10.23.11.

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