Friday, October 28, 2011

The man who is alleged to have shot Bigfoot in California's Sierras responds in a chat room to those who doubt his claims. And there's more on the alleged incident that has supposedly supplied biological matter for DNA testing in Scott McMan's report Major Update: TBRC Admits To Shooting – Additional Update Added. Will this matter ever come to a conclusion? Meanwhile, excavation in the Philippines that claimed to have produced skeletal remains indicating the presence millennia ago of Homo sapiens sapiens don't jive with the observations of a skullcap, according to anthropologist Dale Drinnon who expresses his doubts and offers alternatives quite convincingly in A Not-So-Modern Early Indonesian. So, what does Drinnon think this skullcap belonged to? Drinnon also continues his recent examination of Chinese art objects he believes depict a bipedal creature equivalent to the Yeti, as seen in Another Chinese Neolithic "APE" and Little Jade Yeti. As an addendum to Drinnon's examination of the Chinese depictions of hominoids he offers an overview of the stone used for the depictions in Jade Trade.

This talk by David Paulides about Bigfoot being human and not an ape also explains why Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project are involved

Humor: Bigfoot has the right to bear arms [VIDEO]

To Kill or Not to Kill? The great Bigfoot divide

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