Monday, September 12, 2011

In this corner, looming seven feet tall and tipping the scales at 320 pounds, is former World Heavyweight Champion Nikolai Valuev. His opponent, hailing from the Shoriya Mountains and making a name for himself since 2005 in remotest Siberia, is a full head taller and considerably heavier, the Russian Yeti! The big palooka has a decidedly fortean outlook: "I'll draw my own conclusions once I've been there," while the Yeti remarks "Am I afraid of Nikolai Valuev? Of course not, I'd be pleased to speak with him - without witnesses." No word if there will be any confusion telling one from the other during the expedition. Closer to home, Fred Andrews tells Reuters of A Southern-Fried Version of Bigfoot. While producing his film Creature, Andrews found himself unearthing the rich history of the bayou as it relates to things that go bloop in the swamp. He details the Letiche, the Honey Island Swamp Monster, along with zombies and werewolves.In a similar vein the delightful Dr. Beachcombing discusses at length Eighteenth-Century Scandinavian Merfolk, called "sea-apes" in bygone times, sharing accounts that may be our nautical nieces and nephews or wayward manatees. Cryptomundo provides more information regarding the Kandahar Cougar with photographic evidence casting doubt on their identification ascaracals.

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