Sunday, September 04, 2011

Satori has many different definitions in Japanese. One is "understanding." Other etymologists dare to posit the term is a transliteration of "satyr," being a telepathic creature assuming different forms of an ape, dear, or goat-man from whom the best defense is maintaining an empty mind. Forteana goes on to relate an anecdote of a woodcutter's encounter with such a beast raising a controversy: is the beast an actual cryptid or a lesson in Zazen? Half a world away upon the island that bore another great empire, Big Cats in British Files provides a lesson in the A,B,C's of alien big cats. Panthers hiding in pubs, leopards lurking behind lorries, and other ravenous felines emerging from the shadows of legend into the mainstream with more public offices acknowledging their existence.

Whos Watching You by Linda Coil Suchy

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