Monday, September 05, 2011

New Expedition to Sumatra The Paranomalist
The Center for Fortean Zoology has organized another expedition to Sumatra in search of this short, powerful, bipedal hominoid unrecognized by science. The expedition leaves on September 9th and is led by Adam Davies, the author of Extreme Expeditions. Two teams are being deployed to maximize their chances of finding evidence of the creature; the second team will be led by Dr. Chris Clark, and will include Rebecca Lang and Mike Williams of CFZ Australia. While this expeditions will be following Sumatran regulations, back in 1959 the Nepalise government set forth regulations concerning any mountaineer's interactions with another mystery hominoid, the Yeti, as described in American Diplomatic Memo Outlined Rules For Yeti Hunting in Nepal.

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Tarot Reader said...

how interesting... I had no idea that there was such a vibrant community still involved/looking.