Thursday, September 01, 2011

New bigfoot voice recording? Or an excercise in critical thinking?

Does the Dragon of Ishtar Gate indicate that the inhabitants of Mesopotamia had travelled to Central Africa by 800 BC and knew of the Mokele-Mbembe? Not likely. Was Ted Holiday correct in suggesting that the bas-relief dragons instead represented a local unknown animal like the Loch Ness monster? In a follow-up, Dale Drinnon reports on Still More Gargoyle Dragons and Guivre of France, Including Giant Eels This Time. Are the legs and wings seen in dragon depictions later add-ons that the illustrator "expected" should be there?

In April of 2009 a woman standing in her driveway in San Antonio, Texas, happened to glance up and spot what appeared to be a huge, dark winged man gliding through the air. This case is not unique for the area, however. There have been other documented reports of similar winged humanoids throughout South Texas and further south into Mexico. Elsewhere a story of a Bigfoot-like creature known as “The Markham Monster” of Ontario, Canada, appears in Monsters don’t live in your closet. They live in your backyard.And the BBC reports on The mystery of Sri Lanka's 'grease devils', nocturnal prowlers who frequent rural areas and assault women at night. One was described as looking " like a gorilla, he was completely covered in black from top to toe. I couldn't see his face or hands."

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