Friday, September 30, 2011

Little People of Sumatra Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon reveals he had asked Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Sumatra Expedition 2011 to inquire among the Sumatrans about the "tiny people of Sumatra" while Freeman and his companions were seeking the apelike Orang Pendek. Freeman responds with a description of the Sumatran little people that shows they are not to be confused with the Orang Pendek. The reason for Drinnon's request becomes apparent as he explores the possibilities of diminutive human relatives in the vicinity of Sumatra, offering scientific papers and illustrations on the subject. Was Homo floresiensis, the so-called "Hobbit" of news articles that followed discoveries on the Indonesian Island of Flores, more widespread than previously thought? Are any such tiny people still living in the island jungles? Consider also the 1958 newspaper clipping gathered by CFZ-Australia that could indicate an Orang Pendek was captured in Sumatra, as seen in Orang Pendek Trail Heats Up. Elsewhere, Craig Woolheater presents a Twitter posting by William Jevning, author of Notes from the Field, Tracking North America's Bigfoot, in which Jevning releases an anecdote that could lead to the question of whether there is a US Forest Service Coverup of Bigfoot?. And Loren Coleman laments a segment of the reportorial art that peppered the newspapers of the century before last, as seen in Flying Snakes, Horned Gazookas and 19th Century Journalism.

Two-Hour Specials and Comicon Appearances for Finding Bigfoot

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