Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Island Monster Mysterious Universe
Bloodsport lures bloodsuckers in Puerto Rico. Many myths and mysteries surround the chupacabras, like so many bettors at a game, to the point the native "vampire" has inextricably woven itself into Puerto Rico's cultural consciousness. Here Nick Redfern relates an account of birds destined for the cockfighting arena that met a far more gruesome fate. A predator made its way into the chickenhouse, unlocked the cages and drained the blood from the feathered warriors before disappearing into the night. Redfern also recently made his way to northern Oklahoma's Cryptid Fest which turned into a Hunt for Bigfoot with the discovery of tracks and a glimpse of the elusive quarry. If you missed that event, head over to Tyler, Texas, for the 2011 Texas Bigfoot Conference, featuring such luminaries of the field as Dr. Ian Redmond and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, among others. Sasquatch sightings have happened in every state but Hawai'i, but it's still surprising to hear an Ohio woman has announced Bigfoot Lives in my Backyard. In a two part audio interview, the cryptid's hostess divulges the particulars of her encounters over the years. Elsewhere, the prehistory of the landscape and the folklore that surrounds what once ploughed the waters of the glacial Lake Aggasiz - and may still make appearances in the area's remnant lakes - leads Robin of CFZ - Canada to pen Prairie Sea Monsters. Meanwhile, noted cryptozoologist, author, museum proprietor and lecturer Loren Coleman rebuts an unwarranted attack from a blogger who took offense to a recent Coleman posting, as seen in Some "Skeptics" Don't Get It.

Fox News Affiliate Covers Cryptid Fest

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