Thursday, September 08, 2011

Is This The Final Nail In The Standing Coffin?
Ghost Theory
By Scott McMan · September 7, 2011 · 3 Comments, 187 views More news is out on Todd Standing and his association with Finding Bigfoot. It would seem Todd's tall tales were challenged by the Finding Bigfoot team and Todd lost. ...

Finding Bigfoot quest brings TV crew to area
Cochrane Eagle
The mythical Bigfoot may be living in the wilderness southwest of Cochrane and the hosts of Finding Bigfoot hope to find evidence to support this. “You're seeing a perfectly normal animal that lives here in North America,” said host Cliff Barackman at...

Reptoids And Dinosauroids Frontiers of Zoology
Is Earth being visited by our dinosaur forebears in the guise of aliens? Reptilian aliens are a mainstay of UFOlogy with the likes of Riley Martin toDavid Icke revealing their true natures and motives. Ancient cultures from six continents have woven these saurians into their heritage as deities, friends, and neighbors. Frontiers of Zoology challenges the final frontier in a detailed article telling of Dragon-Gods, modern day encounters with lizardmen, and the reimagining of troodons which bear an eerie resemblance to the Greys. More down to Earth is a report from Cryptozoology Online: Giant Crocodile, Captured Alive Has Potential To Be A Supergiant. Over 21 feet in length, this beast has the potential to grow even larger in size and notoriety.

Mules, ligers and jumars... say what? History remains strange but is summarily dismissed by Karl Shuker who focuses on the improbable Horse-Cow mutt known as the jumar since the mid-16th century, while casting doubt upon the chimerical cryptid known as a cuino, long celebrated as a heretical hybrid between a pig and a sheep. He goes on to reveal three breeds of pig that may be the masterminds behind the perpetuation of cuinos in farmyard fables. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman announces The Relict Homonid Inquiry, a new scholarly journal addressing our extant cousins with essays, news briefs, and correspondence in addition to seeking submissions from objective, reputable scholars in the field. And theLongview News-Journal publicizes the upcoming 2011 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Tyler, Texas on October 1st.

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