Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In search for Yeti

Bigfoot Living In My Backyard Claims Ohio Woman

A couple of puzzling photographs and a sighting set the stage for the latest Loch Ness Monster evidence that appeared in the Scottish edition of the Daily Mail for September 15, 2011. It appears an alert pleasure boat captain awaiting passengers on Loch Ness was able to capture an intriguing sonar image of one of the world's best known cryptids. Another example of evidence showing unknown monstrous forms cruise the deeps can be found in Glen Vaudrey's report of the Stronsay Beast from 1808, detailed in Bring Me the Head of... Closer to home, but still focussing on mysterious creatures from beneath the foam, Photo: Pink Dolphin on Big Lake demonstrates how pictures are worth a thousand words, or two thousand when featuring such a cute creature. Elsewhere, in Mid-Century Mania: Why Did Yeti-Slick Document Story Go Viral?, Loren Coleman notes the internet is abuzz over recently leaked documents detailing American efforts to capture a live yeti. Was an eccentric millionaire hunting the elusive man beast or was it a ruse to cover up Cold War intelligence operations on Red China's doorstep? The true story at the interstices of these conflicting tales suggests something far weirder. And Cryptomundo also points out that the Slick Papers Have Been Donated to the University of Texas. Seventy five boxes full of papers relating to Indian gurus, yeti, and animal husbandry which occupied the life of the eccentric visionary now make their home at the San Antonio campus.

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