Sunday, September 11, 2011

Humanity's supremacy has been argued to be the fruit of years ofinterbreeding with Neanderthals. Recent studies into australopithecines remains evince intriguing hallmarks of modern and primitive homonids suggesting that homo sapiens isn't that particular about its partners. Could we be the distillation of the best and the worst of our cousins and ancestors? Meanwhile in Indonesia, the Orang pendek Quest Begins in Sumatra, an expedition led by Adam Davies, with Richard Freeman here discussing the appearance of this cryptohomonid and its possible place on our twisted evolutionary vine. Continuing coverage of the controversy over the Utah Bigfoot Videotape continues apace at Cryptomundo as the videographer weighs in with his two cents. Rounding out our corral of cryptid chronicles, Phantoms & Monsters asks the question What Was It? Strange Winged Creature in Arizona, where a concerned citizen recounts his sighting of a creature defying classification. Bat? Giant moth? Owl? You be the judge.

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