Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crypto collection ready for big move
Portland Daily Sun
By David Carkhuff Coleman's quirky International Cryptozoology Museum — a collection of mysterious-creature artifacts including a highly visible stuffed replica of Bigfoot — is moving this fall from the back of the Green Hand bookstore at 661 ...
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The Yeti is alive, or at least discussed in Tashtagol
Mongolia Web News
Many local residents in Tashtagol regions believe that there are still many Yetis or Almas or Bigfoot exist and live around the regions of Tashtagol. Once there was a case when the governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev offered cash prize to whoever ...

The summer of 2011 may have been the biggest season of UFO sightings in recent memory. These don't supercede the observations of old which still puzzle scientists to this day. The Professor blows the dust off these records hailing from the glory days between Roswell and the dawn of the Red Menace. Craft of all shapes and sizes from late-model flying cigars to economical skytubs are presented with some fascinating photos predating Photoshop. Further back in the archives is a profile of William Buckland who approached strange phenomena with deserving scientific rigor on topics which would have been swept under the rug. Elsewhere, Government Book Talk tackles the archival subject of Yetis and Extraterrestrials, drawing a skeptical parallel between Roswell and a concurrent government memo that provided guidelines for hunting yeti. It all begs the question of whether things are best hidden in plain sight?

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