Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bigfoot Utah video breakdown part 2.

While target shooting in the mountains of Utah, some men who had gone fishing notice something moving in the trees. Two cameras are rolling and capture what might be a Bigfoot walking away. Later a kind of "hut" is found not far from camp. But some commenters on Cryptomundo seem to think that it's a man in a very thick jacket, a survivalist or hunter, which would also explain the tent-like structure that was found. And from Colorado, yet another Bigfoot Caught on Video in San Juan Mountains. Much smaller, far less hairy "creatures" are causing panic in Sri Lanka, whereGrease Devils Riot Kills Police and another officer and five other people are hurt as residents gave chase to one. A map of "sightings is shown. The wave of sightings of “Grease Devils" is similar to the past encounters with Indian “Monkey-Men.” A much different creature, this one with Emerald Isle roots, is described in Digging Up The Dearg-Daol. What is the origin of this vampire-like demon that's said to be the most dreaded creature in Irish folklore?

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