Sunday, August 07, 2011

News video shows what was found on a Minnesota highway last week, apparently the victim of sudden impact with someone's car, truck or van. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been unable to identify the nearly hairless creature so far, and witness opinions have ranged from a badger with mange to a skunk. Meanwhile, a creature that has never been found on the roadside dead is the centerpiece of a remembrance of farmer Hans J. Mobius' snapshots of a "furry black monster standing next to (his) John Deere Gator" in a pasture on his Clarence, NY, farm, five years ago, as recalled in Monster Mania, with images. Elsewhere, an Illinois newspaper writer laments his town's lack of a cryptid drawing card and offers up the suggestion of the "Panther Creek Possum, a marsupial 6 to 7 feet tall, rumored to live in the deep ravines of (a) state fish and wildlife area" as a Photoshopped candidate in Springfield Needs a Monster. Also, the last Tasmanian Tiger known to have been alive has made his way onto a commemorative coin, as shown in Thylacine Coin Inspired by Benjamin Footage.

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