Friday, August 12, 2011

Is it out there?
Maple Ridge News
Sasquatch – the gigantic hirsute beast that figures in First Nation mythology, the comical Kokanee beer mascot – has been barking at Jason, tossing pebbles at him, banging on trees. Jason's dad Adrian Erickson is your stereotypical outdoorsman, ...
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YouTube Video: Sasquatch Sighting near Stillwater?
"SasquatchWatcher" believes a Washington County farmer may have shot video of an auburnSasquatch last month just north of Stillwater. A Washington County farmer shot about five seconds of video July 6 of what some claim to be a Sasquatch in a woods ...
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Minnesota Bigfoot Sighting? You Be the Judge
FOX 9 News
A video shot by a couple north of Stillwater, Minnesota has caught the attention of asasquatch believer and is picking up views on YouTube. According to the video description, a farmer and his wife were walking through the woods when the captured what ...

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