Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kevin Tremain includes photos of a giant footprint in this tale from Chatham, IL, of something prowling the night, howling and screeching, for most of the last month. Reports indicate five or six incidents in the area may mean there's a Bigfoot presence, and the local police department and professional Bigfoot investigators have taken an interest in the case. There's interest, too, in a Bigfoot flick that has been five years in the making, described in Announcing Our New Film: “The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching”. Elsewhere, renewed interest in creatures of the deep inspires Micah Hanks' Folklore of the Aquatic: Why We Should Study Sea Monsters, and Robin Bellamy of CFZ - Canada updates an over two-decades-old account of a lake monster in Ken Chaplin’s Ogopogo: Twenty-two Years Later. Meanwhile, the careless claim by a thespian concerning the largest known spider in the world sets Dr. Karl Shuker on a quest for truth he describes, with images, in The Hobbit Actor and a Real-life Shelob - or Something Pretty Darn Close? Also, Scott Corrales resurrects an account of an encounter between Roman troops and a 120-foot-long serpent in Africa during the first of the Punic Wars, described in Ancient Chroniclers of Mystery.

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