Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Claudine Zap covers last night's premiere episode of "Hillstranded" on The Discovery Channel (TDC) in which footage was presented of what is believed by many to be the creature long reported in the waters of the North Pacific and given the name "Cadborosaurus" after the place it was first reported, Cadboro Bay, British Columbia. The footage shown on the new TDC program was recorded in Alaska in 2009, as reported, with some still photos included, in Hillstranded Cadborosaurus Mystery Revealed. And the lead up to the presentation of the footage last night on TDC can be found in videos available at Cryptomundo and seen in Alaskan Cadborosaurus Preview Now Available and Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded Premieres Tonight. There's more on sea monsters and other cryptids in the latest downloadable edition of Micah Hanks' The Gralien Report Podcast for July 18th 2011. Elsewhere, Bruce Duensing takes us away from the mysteries of the deep to the possible mysteries of unknown life forms in the sky as he presents Part Four of Preliminary Conclusions and Deep Suspicions.

Detroit Lake, 2009

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