Friday, July 22, 2011

Theresa Nygard approaches the cryptid question with a question of her own: Do the often-sighted, poorly photographed creatures we know as cryptids really exist in the same reality we do, or are they moving from one dimension to our dimension for brief appearances? Nygard lists some of the people who claim interaction with such seemingly ephemeral beings as Sasquatch, including dolphin expert Joan Ocean, When Animals Speakauthor Penelope Smith and others. Is it significant that all of Nygard's examples are women? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon begins with a news item from 2009 that claimed the sighting of a mermaid in Israel and, with numerous illustrations, takes you on a review of Marine Monkeys and Merfolk. And The Professor collects multiple images and stories of mysteries from the deep in A Last Dish of Fish and a [Short?] Pause. Meanwhile, the weekend is upon us, and it promises to be a busy one in Fort Knox, ME, with cryptozoologist, author and lecturer Loren Coleman from the International Cryptozoology Museum and other celebrated guest lecturers covering subjects as varied as UFOs, unknown creatures, paranormal adventures and psychic enrichment, as shown in the schedule for the Fort Knox Paranormal Faire available in Bigfoot and Mystery Cats in Maine.

This is Bigfoot country. Siskiyou county

Onward into the mountains

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Bigfoot Prints Discovered.

Short video of bigfoot prints. Photos And Video.

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Bigfoot Sasquatch evidence analysis

good stuff!

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SasquatchWatch Canada.mp4

Some BF humor! ... sasquatch bigfoot ...

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