Sunday, July 17, 2011

Well, it's not news to readers of Cryptomundo, but now it's official. The cast of the "reality show" are fed up with the editing and presentation of the show. That thing that BFRO leader Matt Moneymaker was running after? It was a human: "I said so repeatedly and vehemently at the time, for the cameras, but they edited out all of that in order to make it seem unclear what I was chasing after.” Then in Lair of the Beasts, Nick Redfern reviews Lars Thomas' new book, Weird Waters: The Lake and Sea Monsters of Scandinavia and the Baltic States, wherein "he reveals countless, astonishing cases from – among other locales – Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Iceland." Finally, from Dale Drinnon, More On Mapinguaris And Ground Sloths.

The Cryptozoology of The Unborn Intangible Materiality
Bruce Duensing examines the psychological challenges of a neutral methodology in paranormal research. From anthropomorphism, biological metaprogramming to Arthur Koestler's Holon theory, the question he poses asks if reality itself is too entangled to be studied in any objective way. Elsewhere, another glowing review of Steve Volk's Fringe-ology, and a crushing review of Annie Jacobsen's Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, "a deeply flawed book—and not only because she has added new, outlandish tales to the story of a top-secret military facility. All too often, Jacobsen’s history of the activities that did occur at the facility is filled with errors of commission and omission."

Finding Bigfoot - "Alaska's Bigfoot Island" Video Debrief

Finding Bigfoot - "Alaska's Bigfoot Island" Commentary

Finding Bigfoot in the Oregonian

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