Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the plus side, says Loren Coleman in this Editorial, many people are watching the show and the team shows a passion for the subject. But..."Television, even reality television, is not a good mirror of the real world, and certainly not of appears many people who like Bigfoot are watching this series as if it was a train wreck... to watch the craziness." It does leave open the possibility of more--and better--cryptozoology programing, however. Also on Cryptomundo, it appears that many people are not happy with Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA analysis of purported Bigfoot flesh: Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA Diagnostics Gets an F? AndFollow Us Live! bring news that Adam Davies is finalizing preparations for the next CFZ sumatra expedition. This time he hopes to be able to provide updates of the adventures as they happen, the jungle permitting, of course.

Review- Finding Bigfoot

The History of Man

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