Friday, July 09, 2010

Javier Ortega revisits yesterday's "Breaking News" from Craig Woolheater at Cryptomundo concerning a gentleman's claims a family of Bigfoots had been camping in his backyard. Ortega's posting of this information has drawn some excellent commentary, including one from Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Meanwhile, Woolheater has posted a link to listen to an interview with the claimant inBackyard Bigfoot Witness on the Air Tonight. The broadcast actually was scheduled for last night, Thursday, July 8. The link Woolheater provides to listen to the broadcast appears to be dead. Elsewhere, the new bookMonsters of Texas will be the topic tonight on Coast to Coast AM when George Noory welcomes Nick Redfern who co-authored the book with Ken Gerhard. A link to the program information can be found in Nick on the Radio, and, in another programming note, the subject of big cats in Australia is discussed by Michael Williams at the link provided in CFZ Australia on the Radio. Also joining the cryptid commentary today is Micah Hanks who points out the difficulties cryptozoologists can face in identifying what's been presented as an unknown creature: Attack of the Amorphous Monster: When Things Aren't What They Seem.

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