Monday, February 01, 2010

In Search of 'Squatch The Chronicle
Dan Schreiber notes that the area of southwest Washington state around Lewis County, particularly the densely wooded foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, is considered "Bigfoot central." Graced with more reported sightings through the years than most any other area, the vicinity of the Gifford Pinchot National forest and adjacent wooded areas are considered prime real estate for Bigfoot and those who seek him. This is the area that produced the supposed full-body cast of a Bigfoot, known as the Skookum Cast after the meadow in which the cast was made. Schreiber talks with Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO) member Scott Taylor who claims to have had five Bigfoot sightings, the last one just last month. Schreiber also talks with a "federally funded anthropologist" along for the latest expedition with Taylor, who says, "It seems more reasonable to start looking at the idea these things really exist." Included are news snippets from The Chronicle, a newspaper serving the area since 1889, and a brief explanation of the efforts of Bigfoot hoaxer Ray Wallace. Meanwhile, in other Bigfoot news from the state of Washington, a Bothell man says he unearthed the track of the giant hominid in Texas, as explained in Man Says Fossil Proves Existence of Bigfoot. Elsewhere, The Blogsquatcher takes on the possibility two phenomena are connected in a well-thought-out dissertation on The Explanatory Power of the Bigfoot/UFO Hypothesis. Is there good reason to believe there might be a connection between Bigfoot and UFOs?

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