Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: Monsterquest: 1-20-10

This episode is titled Hillbilly Beast, about the Sasquatch in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State is hill country, according to the narration

From the initial preview, it appears the Kentucky "Bird-Squatch" will be examined'

Dark. hairy creature, 8-10 feet tall, black eyes in day, yellow-orange at night

Fall of 1990, Amy and John Long went to park, and had an audio encounter with something (they saw a hairy creature by flashlight).

It was theorized that it might have been closing in on a deer

Tim Farmer, with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, is skeptical of the sightings

He believes these may be sightings of black bears

He also believes the number of hunters would make the existence of an unknown creature unlikely, even with all the trail cams in the forests

The September 2009 "Bird-Squatch" photo is examined and the owner of the trail-cam interviewed

In this area, the expedition team gathers.

Near Henderson, on the Ohio River

Mark Peterson is a member of the team

They have set up a trail-cam themselves

They also deploy an infrared camera attached to a mini-chopper (the same folks from the Ohio Grassman episode)

They believe the creature is nocturnal, so they wait to deploy the camera till nightfall

They launch the camera outside the town of Geneva, Ky.

Because of the history of sightings in that area, Peterson believes they are in the right area

Many early legends of the Kentucky Beast go back to Daniel Boone. Boone is said to have killed a large hairy beast (10-feet tall)

A Native Cherokee tells of the connection of his people to the legends

The man said his grandfather had two hogs go missing by being picked up under each arm by the hairy beast

Ken Mahoney, the owner of the trail-cam which took the "Bird-Squatch" photo, is interviewed.

A Peter Schmitz is called in to analyze the photo

A comparison is done with Ken's son Kenny Jr.

The team is investigating the strange sounds made by allegedly the creature

Joe Fox, a bio-acoustician is interviewed about his impressions

He goes outside Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to do an investigation

The devices being used by Fox detect infrasound as well as possibly noises

The expedition team is utilizing local guides to take them on the Ohio River for more searching

Witness Bob Ganyard went to check a boat ramp, and it seemed to suit him quite well. His van wound up stuck in the mud

He says he felt something hit his van which rocked it. He did catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a hairy beast

He is still terrified by the experience even today.

The expedition team continues its search, where the Cherokee reveals he found a strange tooth

The tooth appears to be a double-root, which would rule out a canine.

Farmer is still skeptical and believes the sounds have a logical explanation, which seems plausible

Outside Lawrenceburg, Fox's team attempts to do call blasting to provoke a response.

They hear what appears to be a high-pitched scream to their south

More witnesses are interviewed, more possible sounds are heard, the mystery photo is examined, and what is found is...well, I won't spoil it. This was not exactly one of the more stellar efforts of Monsterquest compared to other episodes. I would rate this one about 2 1/2 out of 5.


usspost said...

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Anonymous said...

Where in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky on the Salt River or Kentucky River? I live on Salt River where it looks like some of these photos were taken.

Anonymous said...

Ive lived in Geneva KY my entire life, and have never once heard anything about this. Neither has the oldest living member of the town, nor anyone else around here. IMO this is completely bogus, dont buy into any of this, I've been over every square yard of these swamps and never have I seen anything that would resemble anything close to what their claiming. As for the van rocking incident, black bear, simple enough.