Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review: Monsterquest 9-21-08

This was a terrific episode, about an investigation into the Chinese Yeren, the equivalent of our Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Dr. Frank Poirier, a retired anthropologist from Ohio State University, is interviewed regarding some research he has done into the Chinese Wildman. Dr. Poirier admits he threw away a hair of of Wildman, and is skeptical of the existence of the Yeren. Dr. Jeff Meldrum is also profiled and interviewed on his trip to the Hubei Province in China, and is researching whether or not Gigantopithecus could be the explanation for the Yeren. Dr. Zhou Guoxing says the size of the Wildman compares to the size of Giganto, and he has done a good bit of research into it. A sighting in 1976 in Shennongjia prompted the Chinese government to look into it, and Dr. Guoxing led the expedition himself a year later. Dr. Guoxing goes into the different colors the Yeren is observed to have, including red, brown and yellow, even black. Adam Davies is also brought in to track the Yeren. This was the first time an American anthropologist has been allowed to examine the evidence for the Yeren, which is the opportunity given to Dr. Meldrum. The trio (Davies, Meldrum and Guoxing) are headed to the Shennongjia area (see my earlier posting of the presentation Dr. Meldrum gave at the 20th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference for further details). Several witnesses are interviewed on their sightings (one witness saw two of them crossing a road). The location of one of the sightings is near the Lisha River, where a sighting took place last November. Davies and a guide, Zhu Xiaoguang, are investigating the area. Davies shows the Yeren cast to Meldrum, which Meldrum is intrigued by, but is cautious about it. Meldrum and Davies run into a problem-the government will not allow them to go into the park for the expedition. The team is granted only 36 hours to do their investigation, and are led by Xiaoguang and another guide, a park ranger, who had a sighting in 1994. Meldrum and the crew make camp in an area at 9,500 feet, and do a bit of scouting before sunset. The next new episode airs Wednesday night at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central on History, focusing on Giant Bear Attacks. Check local listings for time and channel.

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The same thing always happen in Monsterquest. I knew what would happen before the show was half over.