Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NY Dept of Environmental Conservation: Bigfoot is a Myth



 Kentish Apeman a/k/a The British Bigfoot Returns after 70 Years




 Sasquatch Spokesman for Cousins Submarine Sandwhiches




 Federal Agent in Maine Confirms Existence of Bigfoot Bigfoot Evidence

We aren't quite sure how the word of an unnamed "friend of a friend" confirms Bigfoot is real, but after reading David Paulides' extensive research on mysterious, unexplained disappearances in national parks and the just as unexplained involvement of federal agents, we aren't surprised at this claim. In more verifiable news, Men's Health reporter asks Matt Moneymaker the same list of questions every interviewer seems to ask about the The Most Unbelievable Full-Time Job Ever: Bigfoot Hunter. At the other end of the crypto scale, Karl Shuker takes us In The Shadows of the Tiger-Men and Were-Tigers, giving us a glimpse into his new book and sharing some truly bizarre legendary creatures. And finally, io9 passes along some very disturbing news and asks Is someone on a dolphin-killing rampage? as reports of dolphins suffering gunshot and stab wounds surface along the Gulf of Mexico.

Finding Bigfoot: Animal Planet Staff Weighs In

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Do the producers and other Animal Planet staff members think bigfoot exi

Making Monsters Season 2, Episode 14, "Mega Monsters" Morris Costumes & Bigfoot Clip

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Making Monsters Season 2, Episode 14, "Mega Monsters" Morris Costum

The Future Homeland For Bigfoot In Bucks County

by William Hirst  20 hours ago  No views Bigfoot National Preserve Location in Bucks County Pa

Danny Sweeten Bigfoot Sighting

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This Bigfoot Sighting was filmed by Danny Sweeten in Sam Houston Fore

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